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We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with government agencies to provide the best strategies for our clients. We are an official partner of PEZA and have been officially appointed.



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The purpose of the parent company, junca Holdings, is "to bring back everything to its rightful and purest state."

junca life management, Inc. provides, develops and supports health and wellness technologies that focus on health and the regenerative power of the body. We believe that these efforts enrich people's lives and contribute to the creation of a more equitable and just world.

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We aim to create an organization that is needed by society based on the principle of bringing the best smile to everyone by "making use of people".

In these times of great change, we will contribute to the creation of enriched lifestyles for people, reevaluate our role, and, always with high aspirations and a sense of mission, build a new social infrastructure and move forward for the future of all people.

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We provide support for foreign properties to foreign workers from the Philippines, other Asian countries, and overseas. We have an experienced and professional staff to meet the needs of our customers.


We have received several reports of investment solicitation by complete outsiders under the guise of the junca Platform (including junca cash) project. junca Holdings is not involved in any such solicitation by such outsiders, and we would like to alert you to this situation. If you have received such a solicitation, please contact our service desk and provide us with the information.

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