【Notice】Held the Philippines Economic Forum with Philippine government agencies

Thank you very much for your continued support of our project. We are pleased to inform you that we recently held the Philippine Economic Forum in Tokyo together with our partner Philippine government agencies.

2023 Philippines Economic Forum

On August 29, 2023, the Philippine Economic Forum was held under our sponsorship at the International House of Japan. This forum was organized in cooperation with our partners, Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and Small Business Corporation (SBCorp), to contribute to the economic development of both Japan and the Philippines. The event was organized to contribute to the economic development of both Japan and the Philippines.About 30 people from Japan participated in the event, and the current Philippine government agencies shared the latest economic situation in the Philippines and the latest information on local business expansion for Japanese companies. This provided an opportunity to provide a deeper understanding of the Philippines to companies considering business expansion to the Philippines or those who may gather information in the future.

The forum served not only as a forum for business leaders to interact and pursue business opportunities, but also as an important step in promoting economic cooperation and sustainable development between the two countries. Japan and the Philippines are moving in the direction of building friendly relations and further deepening cooperation in the economic field, and this forum was a clear indication of that direction.

Dr. Hisayuki Nagatome, Investment Promotion Partner, Philippine Economic Zone Authority / CEO, junca Holdings, gave the opening remarks. He thanked everyone for coming to this forum and called for active participation in building a better future by bringing together people with different backgrounds and experiences to exchange knowledge and work together, believing that your ideas, insights, and economic cooperation will lead to economic development of both countries. He told you that I believe in your ideas, insights, and economic cooperation that will lead to the economic development of our two countries.

Lectures by a current Philippine government agency

Ms. Dita Angara Mathay, Special Trade Representative, Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Tokyo, gave us an update on the Philippine economy. This valuable opportunity provided us with a deeper insight into the economic trends in the Philippines. She spoke about the latest achievements and challenges in the Philippine economy, providing a clear understanding of the country’s economic potential and growth prospects, and the attractiveness of the Philippine market for Japanese companies to enter and invest in the country. She also discussed in detail the policies and visions of the Philippine government, emphasizing the government’s commitment to encouraging foreign investment and improving the business environment. It became clear from his talk that the Philippines is a very attractive partnership for Japanese companies.
We would like to thank you for providing us with this valuable resource to gain insight into the Philippine economy and to open up new opportunities for the Japanese and Philippine business communities to cooperate and pursue mutual interests. We look forward to further strengthening economic cooperation between our two countries through such opportunities for information exchange in the future.

Mr. Tereso O. Panga, Director General of PEZA, Philippine Economic Zone Authority, gave a lecture on “The Philippines as a Safe Investment Destination in Asia : Investment Opportunities for Japanese Investors”. In this special presentation, we Japanese highlighted the Philippines’ position as a stable investment destination in the Asian region and provided insight into the attractive opportunities for Japanese investors. He emphasized that the Philippines offers notable security and stability for investment in the Asian region, and informed us that the Philippine government is taking proactive steps to encourage foreign investment, develop the legal framework, and improve the business environment. In addition, DG Tereso detailed the investor incentives and preferences offered by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), emphasizing that these measures are beneficial to Japanese investors.
He suggested that the investment opportunities in the Philippines are diverse and offer growth opportunities in many sectors, which is an important factor in conveying the attractiveness of the Philippine market to Japanese investors.

Mr. Voltaire Magpayo, Member Board of Directors of SBCorp, an SME support organization, spoke with us about small business corporation. He provided in-depth insights into the key factors and prospects for Filipino SMEs to succeed locally and internationally. Mr. Magpayo talked about the support and resources SBCorp provides to Filipino SMEs to help them become more competitive in the domestic and international markets. He provided specifics on programs and policies that address the challenges and needs faced by SMEs and promote their growth and development, thereby providing a pathway for them to reach their full potential.
He also focused on the global outlook, touching on strategies to help Filipino SMEs succeed in international markets as well. It highlighted how important it is to support SMEs as they enter new markets and take on the challenges of international competition. Through this exchange of information, we developed a deep understanding of the strategic approaches and support structures that are in place to help the Philippine SME sector grow and prosper.
SMEs are an important backbone of the economy, contributing to job creation and sustainable development, and we were able to reaffirm the importance of this sector.


Following the conclusion of the presentations, many representatives from Japanese companies seeking useful information gathered together to pose questions to the Philippine government officials. This Q&A session provided a valuable opportunity for participants to gain further insight and underscored the importance of dialogue between Japanese companies and Philippine government agencies. Questions from Japanese companies were wide-ranging and covered a wide range of topics, including concerns, interests, and specific strategies for doing business in the Philippines. Representatives from Philippine government agencies carefully answered these questions and provided participants with up-to-date information and specific guidance; the Q&A session was a lively exchange and sharing of information and provided an opportunity to further strengthen the partnership between participants and Philippine government agencies. It was also a moment when both questioners and respondents shared knowledge and insights, and new ideas and perspectives were generated to further strengthen business partnerships.

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation

Philippine Economic zone Authority,Investment Promotion Partner / junca Holdings CEO Dr. Hisayuki Nagatome presented a letter of appreciation to the Philippine government agencies to express his gratitude. With the hope that the cooperation between Japanese companies and Philippine government agencies will continue to develop and the economic partnership will deepen, this letter of appreciation was not a mere formality, but a positive step toward future collaboration, highlighting the trust and cooperation between the two sides. It is very significant as part of the further strengthening of friendly relations between Japan and the Philippines and paving the way for further development of economic cooperation.

To those of you who participated in this Forum, we would like to express my deepest gratitude for your cooperation and support. Your knowledge, insight, and enthusiasm have enhanced this forum and made it valuable for the economic development of our two countries. Through this valuable opportunity, important dialogue and information exchange between Japan and the Philippines took place, and new possibilities for economic cooperation were identified. We are committed to further developing our partnership and cooperation and building a mutually beneficial future. Once again, we would like to express my sincere gratitude for your cooperation. We look forward to your continued support as we move forward together and move vigorously toward sustainable development for the future economic development of our two countries.

junca Holdings will continue to promote its efforts based on the philosophy that “contributing to economic reforms in Asia will lead to world peace”. Thank you for your continued support

2023, 9/5
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