junca Platform Project Identity

junca Platform is a project to build a remittance payment system using Fintech.
junca Platform was created to solve the “world’s remittance problem” mainly in the Philippines.
We believe that this project will greatly help the Philippine economy developing in the future.

As we mentioned, our platform will solve the remittance problem in the Philippines.
There is 100 billion dollar of personal cross border remittance by OFW people.
OWF people work at overseas and send money to their family for helping.
But the fee of cross border remittance is very expensive.
The reason why we would like to solve the problem by our remittance payment system using Fintech.

We’ve been developing junca business in the Philippines 5 years ago since we wanted to contribute to the economic development of Asia.
But We have directly touched on the passion of Filipinos and the potential of economic development so far.
We are convinced that in the coming new era, the Philippines is likely to grow further and become a leader not only in Asia but also in the world.

We have concrete plan stated below.
junca Platform will establish a vocational training school, form partnerships with existing vocational training schools, and establish scholarships to support the development of human resources, thereby creating opportunities for OFW to obtain better positions, better environments, and better treatment overseas.
Next, we will provide support for OFWs to return to their home countries and make use of their various experiences at overseas to become active.
junca Platform provides an environment where OFWs who return to their home countries can actively engage in business, from providing good franchise businesses to financing startup costs.
Based on the system, they will be able to become independent franchise owners and create a stable life plan.

We sincerely hope that the people of the Philippines will exercise their leadership and help them develop the Asian economy, and we hope that the combination of the economic development flow and our junca Platform will assist the Philippine economy and the next generation of leaders.