Warning about confusion between JCC and other coins

Hello, we are junca global group of company. I hope you are well.

We have received a report from a person related to junca Cash that “JCC”, which has the same abbreviation as junca Cash, has been operating using junca Cash materials.
We would like to report this to you as a reminder.

As you know, we are the issuer and operator of junca Cash.
The abbreviation of “junca Cash” is “JCC” and this abbreviation was set by us.

In this time, the one communicated to us by the person concerned is also “JCC”. However, the corresponding “JCC” is written as “JCC Coin”.

The one we operate is “junca Cash”, which is completely different from “JCC Coin”.

If you find a crypto asset labeled as “JCC”, please carefully check if the official name is “junca Cash”.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sincerely yours

September 5, 2021
junca Platform Project Management


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