【Notice】Dialogue with Senator Marcos and Congw. Mylene

Thank you very much for supporting our project.

We are pleased to inform you that some of the most important representatives of the Philippines came to Japan for an exchange program to deepen the friendship between Japan and the Philippines.

Met with Senator Imee R. Marcos

From the left ; Senator Imee R. Marcos ; junca Holdings CEO Dr. Hisayuki Nagaotome

We met with Senator Imee R. Marcos and Chief of Staff Ms. Elizabeth R. Quisumbing and had a relaxed conversation with her in a private setting from start to finish. Senator Imee R. Marcos is the sister of President Bongbong Marcos and has been a Senator since 2019. She has been involved in Philippine politics for many years, focusing on the development of the Philippines in the areas of agriculture, tourism, education, and cultural heritage.

We believe that through this exchange, we can deepen our understanding of each other’s countries and cultures through cultural exchanges and further develop future cooperation between our two countries. We hope to continue to deepen the friendly relationship between Japan and the Philippines and contribute to the development of both countries through these opportunities.

Interaction with the Philippine Ambassador at the Philippine Ambassador’s Residence

From the left ; JEPPCA Treasurer, junca Academy Board Member Ms. Imelda Enriquez ; Congw. Mylene J. Garcia ; TESDA Deputy Director-General, junca Holdings Board Member Mr. Aniceto “John” Bertiz III ; junca Holdings CEO Dr. Hisayuki Nagaotome

We met with the new Philippine Ambassador Congw. Mylene J. Garcia at the Philippine Ambassador’s residence. On Sunday morning, over a delicious breakfast and in a relaxed atmosphere, we talked about the friendly relations between the Philippines and Japan and shared the various initiatives we are undertaking to further strengthen the friendly relations between two countries.We are confident that these efforts will lead to the further deepening and development of our bilateral relations. For us, the meeting with Congw. Garcia was a very useful opportunity to further deepen the friendly relations between the Philippines and Japan, and we will continue such exchanges to strengthen our bilateral ties in the future.

junca Holdings will continue to promote its efforts based on the philosophy that “contributing to economic reforms in Asia will lead to world peace”. Thank you for your continued support.

2023, 4/10
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