【Notice】Participated in the Philippine conference and business matching by the Philippine government agency

Thank you very much for your continued support of our project.

We were invited to the Philippine Human Resources Conference hosted by JEPPCA (Japan Employment Providers of the Philippines and Consultants’ Association), a Philippine government agency, held in Tokyo and the junca Holdings participated in the conference.

At the Philippine conference and business matching, approximately 70 companies from 14 industries in the Philippines and Japan with specific skills, foreign human resources businesses, and others directly interacted and shared information under the theme of “providing more opportunities for Filipino workers and seeking and strengthening employment partnerships.

Presenters included Mr. Ramon Pastrana, Labor Attaché, Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), and Ms. Edwina Beech, Chairwoman, Japan Employment Providers of the Philippines and Consultants’ Association (JEPPCA), an association of consultants for Japanese employers in the Philippines. The Council focused on the potential of the excellent Filipino human resources, which are in a state of flux, and positioned the Philippines as a very valuable partner for Japan, which faces an accelerating labor shortage due to a declining birthrate and aging population.

  • junca Holdings CEO Dr. Hisayuki Nagatome, JEPPCA Treasurer Ms. Imelda Enriquez and POLO Labor Attaché Mr. Ramon Pastrana

    About JEPPCA

  • The Japan Employment Providers of the Philippines and Consultants’ Association (JEPPCA), the organizer of this conference, is the only organization legally recognized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), a Philippine government agency that provides up-to-date information on sending workers to Japan and the proper procedures for sending them. Based on the requests of employers, PPCA acts as a bridge between Filipino job seekers and Japan.

    About POLO

  • Philippines Overseas Labor Office (POLO), the presenting agency, is the overseas operations arm of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of the Philippines. POLO implements labor policies and programs for the protection of the rights and promotion of the welfare and interests of Filipinos working in the Philippines. It is committed to increasing employment through the protection and facilitation of employment, provision of welfare services and skills enhancement and other training programs.

  • We are honored to be able to share this project to expand the potential of Filipino human resources through our participation in this council. In addition, as we have recently announced, we have established junca Human Resources & Services Inc. in Japan to support the global activities of Asian human resources, which is an important part of the junca platform project roadmap. junca Holdings will continue its efforts to maximize the value of Asian human resources, which are in a state of flux, by establishing educational institutions, vocational training schools, scholarship programs, and other initiatives to further enhance the value of human resources.

    Thank you for your continued support.

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